Going Through Challenging Times?

Learn to Access Your Higher  Wisdom and Receive Guidance and Direction for Your Life’s Path

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Are you on a path of personal and spiritual awareness?
Do you find yourself facing challenges in your life right now?
Does everything around you seem to be changing in ways that cause you to feel anxious and fearful of the future?
Is your old way of life no longer working the way it used to but you?re confused about the way forward?
Are you in an unfulfilling job and no longer enjoy the work that you do but can?t see a way out?
Do you have talents and abilities that your soul wants to express but you are afraid to put them out into the world for fear of rejection?
Are your relationships not as harmonious as you would wish?
Do you feel stuck in restriction and limitation and seem unable to move forward?
Do you believe that you have a higher purpose but don?t know what it is?
Would you like to find ways to deal with problems and challenges from a place of deep Intuitive Wisdom?
Do you want to learn powerful ways of connecting with the Universal Presence that resides within you and receive guidance and direction for your Life Path?
ChristineHomePage1If you have answered “yes” to at least two of the above questions, then take a look below at how accessing your Higher Wisdom could help you to move through your current challenges, make sense of your journey and find the way forward to your Highest Good.

The Benefits of Connecting with Our Higher Awareness

redtickWe can access a Wisdom far greater than our five senses and receive guidance and direction.
redtickWhen we feel overwhelmed by some of our challenges we can find a place of clarity within us.
redtickWe develop faith and trust that the changes taking place are leading us to greater good.
redtickWe can release the past and open up to the new possibilities the Universe has in store for us.
redtickAs we learn to recognise our true calling we are led to satisfying work or more fulfilment in our present career.
redtickWe develop confidence in our talents and abilities knowing that they have been given to us as a sacred gift.
redtickWe come to understand that these gifts are not just for ourselves, they are also meant to benefit others.
redtickWe learn that every person that comes into our life is there to teach us something and our relationships heal.
redtickWe embrace our imperfections and come to a place of self acceptance
redtickWe discover that the restrictions we meet on our spiritual journey contain the seeds of our greatest triumphs.
redtickWe are guided to people and situations that assist us in unfolding our Soul’s Purpose.
redtickWe accept that challenges and change are part of life and by accessing our Inner Strength we can handle them.
redtickWe learn a variety of different practices for accessing our Higher Guidance and bring that Wisdom into our everyday circumstances to lead more fulfilling lives.
"The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It can't be organized or regulated. It isn't true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth"

Ram Dass

HomePage2When we are called to a spiritual path it is often as a result of various life circumstances that push us to a place where we are forced to re-assess our lives.  Our old way of being does not seem to work any more and we begin a search for deeper meaning.  This leads us to be drawn towards certain people , groups and philosophies which resonate with us at the deeper level of the soul.   In other words we are drawn to those teachings that match our spiritual and personal needs at any particular time. 

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